When can you do Umrah in 2021?

The Umrah pilgrimage is similar to the annual Hajj trip, except that it can be done at any time.

On 9th September, Saudi Arabia will begin applying new Covid-19 safety guidelines, allowing up to 70,000 pilgrims to perform Umrah every day.

To keep the virus from spreading among visitors to Makkah’s Grand Mosque, strict precautionary measures have been implemented.

“We have operated thermal imaging machines and 500 sterilization units and pumps supported by 11 disinfection robots operated by artificial intelligence as well as 250 fans in the courtyards of the Grand Mosque,” said Hani bin Hosni Haidar, spokesman for the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, in statements carried by the official Saudi news agency.

Mr. Haidar added that the president raised Zamzam water production capacity from the well within Makkah’s Grand Mosque to more than 300,000 bottles per day.

He went on to say that officials may provide translation services to pilgrims in ten languages, including English, Chinese, Turkish, and Urdu.

After being halted in February 2020 due to the epidemic, Saudi Arabia declared that Umrah would resume for fully vaccinated overseas pilgrims this month.

Pilgrims must submit an official Covid-19 vaccination certificate along with their request to perform Umrah.

In an effort to boost tourism and other pandemic-affected sectors like sports competitions and entertainment, the government has intensified a statewide vaccination program.