’s New Service Launched: E-VISA’s for Umrah Pilgrims

16 April 2022

______ recently launched a new service on their website i.e., E-VISA services for Umrah Pilgrims worldwide i.e., Umrah Visa Online.

Finding a secure place from which all Umrah services may be booked is quite the hustle nowadays, especially Umrah E-visas Online. To tackle this global issue of Umrah Booking launched its all-service B2C Platform this year for easy and quick Umrah Booking Online.

Muslim Pilgrims seeking to perform Umrah from any part of the world can now head over to the website and Book their Flights, Hotels, Transportation, Ground Services, and Umrah E-Visas all within a simple and easy 5 Step Process.

The best and most unique part of it all is probably the fact that quick Umrah Visas can also be requested and issued via WhatsApp!

Backed by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and with over 40 years of experience in the bag, is the best place to go when you’re planning Umrah Booking Online this year.

The website has numerous packages designed to meet a pilgrim’s Umrah requirements and budgets.

Pilgrims have the option to choose from pre-designed packages or DIY their own Umrah with a few simple steps. All customer queries are immediately answered and dealt with by a team of multi-lingual, well-trained, and experienced Customer Service Staff. An entire section on the website has also been dedicated to blogs discussing various Umrah-related topics and the latest news articles to keep pilgrims updated with the ever-so-changing world of travel.

With all of the diverse services mentioned above and so many more to explore on the website, one must conclude that is truly every Pilgrims Reliable Umrah Partner.

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